Create lifelong loving memories terminally ill pets/humans
Don't loose those memories act now let me help you with a joyful photo menory session to be remembered
by the whole family for life
I have 15 yrs of Photo Experience as well as 15 yrs of rescue experience dealing with thousands of animals
I know and have the compassion that this job takes
and want to create a joyful memory for you and your family to help you grieve as well as laugh at funny moments once the pain has lessened

Don't waste another minute as life goes by so fast specially when diagnosed with what no one wants to hear

Let me help you as I have the compassion that it takes to do what I offer
Been in the care giving field since 1995 as caretaker to the disabled as well as a massage therapist and doing the non profit rescue
you can see some of my work at the rescue site as well this site
15% of each photo session sale goes directly to the rescue dogs

Each session lasts from 30-60 minutes depending on the situation and what one can deal with
sessions are $75 for the first hour (even if the session is only arranged for 30 minutes)
add $25 for each 30 minutes
(in Rdding or Lakehead area add extra for gas and time if outside of Redding or Lakehead)

What you get
a CD with 30-50  of the best pictures
10 of the best pictures edited and cropped so you can print as many as you like to
frame and hang up
one Pencil Sketch of your favorite photo emailed to you
after you have viewed all pictures on disk
A lifelong happy memory for keepsake
For Extra cost of $10 a Video can be taken as well, edited to put in a song or music
put on CD for your memory keepsake

check back soon for many pictures/videos of a memory photo session

Gift Certificates available
the one and only gift that will last a liftime

 Memory photo-shoot